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Love . Connection . Magic

the memorable moments

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Real Memories

I want you to be moved by your images. I want you to be able to see your connection in them and help you remember what this part of your life felt like. Like images that are stills from your own movie, so your memories can attach to them. Adding to your collection of meaningful images, that together make up the story of your life together.

with a loving gaze
it’s about you

Each phase with our children is worth capturing. How wonderful to have you in the frame together. We do a video call in advance to connect and talk about your parenthood, what’s important and what moves you. So when I visit you, at home or in nature, we are already comfortable with each other. We chat a little, maybe have tea, and at some point, you start doing your thing again while I accompany you.

tender moments
treasured forever

You’re free to romp around, comfort, cuddle, feed, tickle, spend time with each other and almost forget the camera. I stay as long as it takes to have enough beautiful images. I give the scenes space to unfold and, in a mix of portrait and documentary, capture the meaningful and intimate moments for you. I especially love to capture tender skin to skin. Little arms wrapped around your neck, those pointy toes, a head resting on your shoulder. So timeless and profound.

  • treasure session
    • welcome call to guide you according to your wishes, the light in your place, clothing choices etc
    • 45-60 min photo session at home or any place you love
    • online gallery with your images as high-resolution files
    • plus beautiful prints 13×19 on matte photo paper
    • you receive up to 20 IMAGES, all lovingly and artistically edited by hand, for 750€ 
    • for up to 5 people, additional person +45€
    • individual offers for longer sessions or outside Berlin.

I’m here to chat

Feel free to schedule an intro call with me. I’d love to hear what you have in mind and come up with a plan so we can create something beautiful together.

Intro Call
Mini Portrait Session

Limited spots available at a reduced rate. See here for upcoming dates.

Mini Session
Monthly Portrait Club

shared photo sessions for Flinta*

The Year of Me
Books and Prints

Let’s get your treasures into the world

Get em

``When a photo moves you, to have an emotional, sensual and visceral reaction, it is truly powerful. Una created this portrait during our mentorship program and I couldn't love it any more than I do. It was such an honor to be invited into her mind, memories, and heart during our mentorship.`` - Elliana Allon, Artist, Winnipeg Canada -


The Power of being tender