1-hour readings with Una, connecting you to your higher self, your guides, and the universe. in person or via video call, held in Deutsch and English
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I am here to remind you of your connection to your higher self, your guides, and the universe. You get a stronger sense of knowing within you.


I ask for permission to connect to your higher guidance. Any information is available to us as long as it’s in our highest and best.


Bring all your questions. They might be about a current situation, recurring patterns, soul contracts, sensitivities, past lives, or anything that comes up.

Readings are a 40 minute Video call

Deutsch or English

price 247€
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“It was an unforgettable experience that awakened a path that feels real and present, a stronger bond with my family lineage and the ethereal world around me. Since I have been feeling much more connected to my intuition and have a stronger sense of belonging. Una explained to me all the way the process she uses. She made me feel so comfortable and at ease, a naturality about it that enabled me to embody such an experience. It was also very important for me to understand that some questions might need to wait before being asked. Highly highly recommend it!

I realized that whilst I often mention the importance of connecting with ancestors, I knew nothing about my own ancestors… and Una gave me my very first opportunity to be super close to my ancestors, in a heartfelt and intimate way, supporting me throughout it through deep listening, acceptance, love and true patience with all the issues I had.

I had no set expectations about our session, especially as being online I wasn’t really sure how it would feel, but after just a few minutes of connecting with each other, I realized that I was in the right place and at the right time, and it became clear what needed to be looked at. This feeling stayed with me throughout the whole time.”

About Past Lives

“I don’t know why we are carrying with us problems to the next life, but in my experience, sometimes we do, and then the origin of a problem we are struggling with has to do with a past life.

Again, I don’t know why, but simply re-remembering that life or lives, raising it up to our consciousness, becoming aware of it and acknowledging it – usually brings the beneficial necessary healing and solves the problem.
If you feel that there is a problem you are dealing with that just won’t solve itself, usually for years, that’s when you know to start searching for answers in past lives.
There are some healers who offer past lives readings or reconstructions, and when you find one that you resonate with, I highly recommend to start looking into your past.”

by wonderful healer and teacher
Daphna Mavor