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I am Una

About me

When I began to live more in my intuition and, where ever possible, to follow my joy, so many good things started coming my way. It is very easy for me to see past lives and read energy and I believe it is something that can strengthen us all and make us view our individual life path with more trust and confidence.

I believe photography can touch our hearts. It can show us everything that’s here: our strength, our vulnerability, our connection, our human experience. In my work, I love portraying people whose hearts are awake and I capture their essence and their story: of strength in softness, of transformations, of greatness in small details, and how it’s all interwoven. While editing, I am often moved to tears, which I love. Because seeing these things is always profound.

When photographing you, I like for us to get to know each other a bit in advance, so it will be easy to connect when we finally meet. I prefer visiting you at home or in nature, where you are most at ease. I follow my intuition and work without influencing you much, using the available light. So first we chat, we get comfortable and after a while, you go back to doing your thing. When you’re barely aware of the camera anymore, I find you shine the most. I especially love to create images that are pure and show an essence. Like tender, raw, powerful paintings of light.

If you’d love some artful photographs of this time in your life, let’s connect and be vulnerable and raw and beautiful together.

xx, Una

Hanging my series ‘Mothers of Berlin’ for it’s first exhibition.


P.S. A little bit of my personal story and what motherhood has changed for me can be found here.

Story time