I’m Una.

To me, images hold healing power, because they can touch our hearts. And if we let them, they show us everything that was going on at that time of our life.
In my work, I want to tell stories of humankind. Generational stories. Of the strength that lies in softness, of greatness in the small, of our bonds and how it’s all interwoven. Us taking care. Of ourselves and of each other, during the transformational times of birth and growing a family. These images make me tear up on a regular basis, when I see our sublime human-nes reflected. 

I like to work without influencing my motif, and I use the available light. I do prefer visiting you at home, where you are most comfortable, and we can also meet outside. We chat and you do your thing and when you’re barely aware of the camera, your beauty shines the most.
I especially love to create lots of skin on skin. Tender raw powerful motherhood paintings of light. 
I can’t wait to be walking alongside you for a bit. This work is coming from the heart and it fills me with much joy.

Dear Parents, dear Mothers (!), you would love some wonderful images of this time in your life? Send me your ideas and questions (I’m German and also love to speak English.) via hello@studio-una.de or dm me on Instagram @studio_una_berlin  and we’ll figure something out.

Love, Una