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I am Una

About me

When I began to live more in my intuition and to follow my joy, more and more good things started coming my way.
2021 has been a transformative year for so many of us. For me it let me further down the path of living in my truth and combining all the things I love into my work: making art, empowering women*, reading energy, and trusting in my own guidance.

I love photography a lot for being able to touch our hearts so directly. It can show us, through the eyes of another, our own strength, our vulnerability, our connection, our human experience. I love witnessing people’s essence and stories shine through. There are stories of strength in softness, of transformations, of grace in the smallest details, and how it’s all interwoven. I am often moved to tears doing this work from the heart.

With anyone I photograph, I love establishing a connection first, before I even come to visit. I like to capture a natural flow, not influencing you much. So first we chat, we get comfortable and after a while, you go back to doing your thing. And I capture you when you shine the most. I like my work to be like tender, raw, powerful paintings of light.

I love to connect with you. Let us and be vulnerable and raw and beautiful together for a bit.

xx, Una


Hanging my series ‘Mothers of Berlin’ for it’s first exhibition.


P.S. A little bit of my personal story and what motherhood has changed for me can be found here.

Story time