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I am Una

About me

I love working with my intuition, whether it’s while I’m photographing someone, giving them an energy reading, or planning my time. All the things I love, I combine into my work: making art, empowering women*, seeing the soul, and trusting in my own inner guidance.

I love photography for being able to touch our hearts so directly. Through the eyes of another, we can see our strength, our softness, and our connection to each other. I love when people’s essence and stories shine through. This is the joy that lies in this kind of work.

In my energy readings it’s about the same thing. Seeing someone for who they are and sharing with them what I see.

If you’d like to connect, let’s be vulnerable and raw and beautiful together for a bit.

xx, Una


Hanging my series ‘Mothers of Berlin’ for it’s first exhibition.


P.S. A little bit of my personal story and what motherhood has changed for me can be found here.

Story time