Year of Me
Monthly Portrait Club for FLINTA. We meet in and around Friedrichshain. Come join, it's fun
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photo membership

The Year of Me

Let yourself be seen

Imagine yourself a year from now.
Imagine you had looked deep into your own eyes each month,
reassessing your strength, noticing your growth; yes my dear, you are growing, in so many ways, on so many days.

I invite you to embark on this journey together,
where we meet
for monthly portraits, chats, and cheers.

  • The Year of Me
    • a 1-year membership for photoshoots with Una
      Each month we meet on the first Friday for an hour. You share your hour with three other women, who make the shoots so affordable.
      from a selection of 20+ images, you receive four fresh photos each month
    • for 90€ per month

In order to be seen by others, we must see ourselves first.

Here are some examples from the past year. Come join, it’s fun!

October at Boxi


August sunset session

Anna at Boxi in June

in May we went to the Park

due to April showers we met at my place

our March Shooting at Lotos Yoga Studio in Friedrichshain

Una, you’re a magician, I can’t wait to watch my whole year backwards and just sit there in awe.
Omg I just had a look. We’re all so beautiful!!! 😍 Well done everyone! You all look happy and at peace, I’m here for it! 🙌🏻
I love the pictures!!! I can see the fun I had! Thanks so much to YOU Una and YOU ladies! 💖✨🙏
I loved todays session! Una, the pictures are amazing! I feel more at ease each time we meet and I can see that in the photos.

Some Images from February, our Bold Color Edition at Frankfurter Tor

Join Today


    How do the sessions work?

    Each hour-long session will be shared by four ladies*. So after we meet up, we might walk around the neighborhood/the park/the location and take turns in different spots. You each get a wide variety of images and it makes the sessions very affordable.
    This is a safe space, where we hold space for and support each other. Plus: It’s such fun!


    Who is it for?

    These opportunities to get together and document our process are for FLINTA* only. If you own a business and are looking for fresh pictures to use for your online presence, you are absolutely right here. If you are a single mother and want to document the year with your child, you are absolutely right here.


    Where will the shoots be?

    We will meet in spots around Berlin Friedrichshain. We will mostly be outside if the weather permits. In the Park, around Frankfurter Tor, in a picturesque neighborhood, and also, when case numbers are low, in a beautiful Studio with a white-washed brick wall and in a cozy coworking space with childcare. You will get info before each shoot.


    What are the upcoming dates?

    June – Friday, the 2nd, 2p.m. at Forckenbeckplatz (Forcki)

    July – Friday, the 30th of JUNE! , Schreinerstraße Samariterkiez

    August – Friday, the 4th, Boxi at the splash fountain

    September – Friday, the 1st, Blankensteinpark for a Blue Hour/Sunset Edition

    October – Friday, the 6th, Frankfurter Tor

    more to be released soon.


    What should I bring?

    Just yourself is already enough. But feel free to bring anything you would like to incorporate in your photos. From outfit changes to confetti to books you love. Just be aware we might not be around any changing facilities.

    Feel free to wear what feels good. I do a lot of close-ups, so if it’s for your business, it might be interesting to consider how harmonious it will look with your website or feed.


    Can I get more photos?

    For each shoot, there‘ll be 20+ images for you to choose from. You can choose extra images for 10€ or all images for 40€.


    Can I choose a different date?

    The Year of me Shoots only take place once a month, so I do not offer different dates.


    What if it rains?

    If the weather is not suitable, you will receive info a few days in advance about our alternative indoor location or in case we might have to change the date.


    If I can’t make it to a shoot?

    You will get to choose 4 images from a previous or following session.


    If I want to first find out what it’s like?

    There is one trial session per person, before starting the yearly plan. You can get in touch with me here.
    After twelve months, the membership can be extended monthly.

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