Story time
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Story time

What motherhood changed for me.


i was a child who was very fearful. but at the same time there was this strength and this feeling of belonging when i was in nature. i have a lot of admiration today when i think back to her.

as i grew up i believed i had to just function. needless to say, it depleted me. faster than i could have imagined.

i packed up my oh so regulated life and moved to australia. the wild countryside allowed something in me to unwind and as the months passed, i gained a lot of clarity.

i felt drawn to berlin so strongly. and i knew i was ready to have a family. the most magical relationship came into being once i arrived and the clarity and ease stayed with me for quite a few years. until i became a mother.

it was a transformation so strong that it took my breath away.

it was like i shed some armor. and there were wounds underneath. my children were holding up a mirror to me and i was smart enough to not look away. and so the wounds started to heal.

today i have no time for what does not feel right. i turned my back on a career in architecture and decided to put my visual education with where my heart is.

i let what is important to me flow into my work and i enjoy the fruits.


when I look back on myself as a new mother, I have so much empathy for her. can you see her gazing into the depths of the mirror? she knew everything and she knew nothing. she was becoming.



16. November 2020