Birth & Postpartum
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Birth and Postpartum Photography

with an artistic approach

zur deutschen Version

birth and the first hours

Life changing times

Let’s capture them, the life-changing moments around the arrival of your child.

The hours when the outside world is of hardly any importance. There will be details perceived as through a looking glass and that will forever be imprinted – while others seem to blur in a tunnellike vision: You, working through the waves, inward concentration, hands holding and supporting. The arrival of your child and your faces when you finally see each other for the first time. The bonding and first feeding. The measuring and marveling.

With this work, I feel like I empower women while capturing wonders. In me, you gain an ally for your journey, one whose presence will probably not be noticed during birth, but will be of great importance later on. When you’ll be able to see yourself in your power. When all those fleeting little details are preserved, isn’t that even more special than any wedding photography could ever be?

Of course, our energy needs to be an absolute match. You’ll want to be at ease for a calm and self-determined birth. Which is why we’ll get together and chat, no strings attached.
Photography can also be an incredible tool when sorting and making sense of the whole experience in retrospect.
I always return to the images of my own two births in amazement. My kids marvel at them. And you and your child will most likely too.

‘golden hours’

freshly hatched

Documentary photo session right after the birth. For families who wish to be in private during delivery but would love to have the first hours documented while being able to fully soak in their new baby.

  • package 'golden hours'
    • a video call for questions and to get to know each other
    • on-call 2 weeks prior to the due date.
    • 90 min. photo session
    • 4 digital images within 24 hours
    • 40 prints 13×18 cm on matte photo paper
    • all digital images, ca. 50+

    • for 875€

‘Birth Documentary’

artistic documentary of the birth – home births, birth centers, anthroposophic clinics- and the very first hours together, according to your wishes.

  • 'birth documentary'
    • a meeting in advance to get to know each other
    • on call 24/7, starting 2 weeks prior to your estimated due date, in Berlin
    • 5 digital images within 24 hours for your loved ones
    • 50 high-quality prints 13×18 cm on matte photo paper
    • a  precious photo book, 25×25 cm, bound in linen, embossed in gold
    • all digital images on a usb stick, 70-150+, individually edited and in high-resolution

    • for 1.675€
    • or for 1.475€, if I may show your images
    • I’m also available for scheduled belly births. Same package as above minus the on-call fee.
    • All Birth workers receive 20% off.

  • 'Add-Ons'
    • Have your loved ones contribute to your Birth Images. You get to share a private page with your family and friends, where they can help you pay for large Prints, an heirloom Birth Album or your birth video.
    • free Service
    • The first cry, babies stretching movements, your first words to your child. It’s pretty impossible not to want to press record on my camera.
    • short film with scenes of your birth in addition to your images
    • for 300€
    • your most beautiful baby pictures on a greeting card – to announce the happy occasion – or in a photo book – small and sturdy for pockets and little hands or precious with embossment and bound in linen.
      this way.

birth during isolation

Support for birth photos with your own camera

. free 25 minute consultation for birth partner & birthing person via videocall. where ever you live
. plus a cheat sheet for you to print. (what to pack, which camera settings, how and what to capture)

births are photographically challenging situations and of course, you want to mainly be there for the birthing person. let’s chat about your specific situation.

together we can do this!

let’s add some magic – your images, edited by me

. if you like, you can send me your birth images and I will bring out the best in postprocessing and let the magic of the moment shine. prices depending on quantity

. you receive prints, photo books, and birth cards directly to your home.