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My recent work with fierce and tender mothers. If you'd like to make some work together, I'd love to hear from you.  


Aurica in the bath with Floris and Henry

Grow as we go

a whole gallery for me to share from a one-hour session with the most loving family.

Postpartum Family

Just a few weeks postpartum. It already feels like she has always been here. Quiet days at home. Her scar has already healed so beautifully. And what a wonderful new human they have welcomed to their little family. Together with all the new rituals, nursing,

Skin to skin

fine art in-home session. so many tender moments, sharing cookies in bed, beautiful skin to skin, documenting their nursing relationship and the fading birth marks, her little one being a toddler now, growing more independent by the day. and a few images for the grandparents in

Raw Motherhood Portraits

A tender portrait session, exploring the nature of their bond and the uniqueness of her child. When I look at them together, the word Journey comes to mind. How powerful to witness.   "My dear Una, I can't keep my eyes off of some of these colors and

mother of three

In the Rush Hour of your Life, things can seem like they pass by way too quickly. But I promise you this. You can’t lose this time of your blooming. It will forever be within you.

intimate motherhood

  Inspired by one of my images, the lovely Carla Auguste wrote these lines:   In these realms of rushing emotional states, exchange happens. One comes, one goes. It's not easy to distinguish what a hug, a touch can spark. It is whispering with a soft voice: darling, You are

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