isolation offerings
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Shootings through Glass

Without physical contact, separated only by the glass of your patio door, window front, or balcony window. You make yourselves comfortable right behind the glass. We put our phones on speaker mode so I can guide you into some tender poses. If we’re all so much at home, why not make some art and break up the routine a little. Let’s use the magic that a window can offer.


. 1/2 hour photographic accompaniment. short, sweet, juicy
. 5 digital images of your choice, high resolution and individually edited,
for 275€

We are in voluntary isolation as a family ourselves and are being mindful of our contacts, for your safety and ours. With this form, I have a safe way to do my work and I am happy when we create these unique testimonies together.

in nature

When shooting outdoors, I can easily stay a few meters away, while you are jumping, climbing, hugging and playing. This way the most beautiful situations between you unfold and we can capture this very special time together, which we will surely tell our grandchildren about.
We will arrange everything necessary via video call. I am really looking forward to seeing you.
love, Una

we‘re all in this together.


Isolation Creation

let’s add some magic – your images, edited by me

this so intensive family time, which we will look back on for a long time, is worth to be captured. if you send me your pictures, which were taken during this time, I will edit them for you and work out the magic, which takes place daily at your place. I will then make sure that the magic of the moment comes out and you will receive a picture book with your own photos. prices depend on effort and agreement.

that would be a lot of fun for me. would you like that?
Send me one favorite picture of yours for free and receive a personal edit.

Geburt in Zeiten der Isolation

Unterstützung für schöne Geburtsbilder mit der eigenen Kamera
let’s add some magic- eure bilder, von mir editiert

before I after