photos for founders
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soulful business photography

For heart-lead Founders

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Let yourself be seen in your power, your mission, with your vision.
I want to provide you with photos that transport your essence.
show yourself

In order for just the right people to find you, open, truthful images that show you in your power and with your vision are a powerful tool. I believe that your values and mission can be transported in pictures and that they are going to shine through.

your mission

My female and non-binary clients are intelligent, intuitive, own heart-centered businesses, and bring so many good things into this world. I always want to hear what drives you, how you work best, who your dream clients are, and what you want to bring forth.

your essence

You can choose between my studio in F’hain – with a beautiful whitewashed brick wall – the location of your business of course or outside. Vulnerable, strong, open, real, beautiful Portraits, special details for your website and photos for your social media presence included.

  • Photo Package 'For Founders'
    • a consultation via video call for us to connect and to get clear on
      what do you need, outfits, props to include
    • 90-minute photo session at your preferred location
    • Portrait Photography, working scenes, and meaningful details as well as material for your online presence
    • preview of your pictures to choose from
    • after about two weeks you will receive your photos,
      as high-resolution and as web version files, each edited and retouched by hand.
      in color and some black and white
    • 15 images for 470€ (31,33€ per image)
      25 Bilder für 570€ (22,80€ per image)
      all images, 40-80 for 670€ (16,75€ per image)
    • within Berlin.
      For longer sessions or further destinations, I’m happy to create individual offers.
      All birth workers receive 20% off.

“I have just received the pictures Una did with me and I‘m very satisfied with the results. Already the shooting itself was so pleasant. Because I wanted to work with a photographer that is able not only to show my looks but rather go into the qualities. Because in my work as a coach it‘s not so much about my personality per se. It‘s a part of it. But a lot of the work that I do is about the capacities, about the qualities and I wanted those to be visible in the photography. Una was able to capture something so subtle, something so hard to put a finger on. I can recommend her for this to anyone who feels like it‘s hard to capture what they‘re about. Una is the one for you.” – Clara Hahn, Coaching for Creatives

Doula at work. The magical Annie Kocher of Rainbow Doula Berlin in their element.